Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, last year i posted girls in bikinis behind glass windows and it got 2400 hits, even though they were mannequins they still got a lot of hits and some of my better more interesting shots got around 1/4 of that amount, around 650, so i believe that people are interested not in the pictures but in the titles. very interesting analysis. sex sells. violence then also sells because most of the movies today deal with extreme and outlandish, makebelieve violence, so why are we as a nation so concerned about all the murders and rapes that go on, we declare that the world is insane, yet hollywood continues to brainwash young people with garbage, hollywood cannot make a movie that is intelligent and interesting without nudity or violence. ok, there are some films that are good, but the rest, ugg. now i'm not a puritan, i like to look at girls in bikinis (is that correct, bikinis or is it bikini's or bikinies, i dunno) i don't like violence, actually when i was younger i was somewhat of a fighter and hung out with some rough guys on the avenue but as i got older i became more of a less violent person (more of a less?) due to respect for people and life. this country needs a good leader, one who is not afraid to stand up for integrity and decency, the world looks at us as if we are infidels, i think we are in some way, in most other ways we are not, we support the world, we are the greatest nation on the earth, i think there is too much media on bad events happening here in America, think about this, America, the continent, compared to the continent of europe, if there were so much media in europe we would think europe is insane. all in all we are doing ok, we live free, we worship freely, too bad for the haters of religious people and the haters of the skin color of people, i'm glad we abolished the death penalty, life in prison is horrible, i love all religious holidays, every religion helps to streanthen it's people, so to the guy's who love to look at girls and all the ogglers here it is, now i want to see how many hits this post will get in a month.